Morning Must Reads: Bribery, Inequality Explained, $30K Preschools and Balancing Paid and Unpaid Work

The New York Times on Sunday published a lengthy article detailing allegations that Wal-Mart executives allegedly violated a federal law that makes it a crime for American corporations and their subsidiaries to bribe foreign officials.

Third and State This Week: Closing Loopholes on Tax Day, Angry Shareholders and PA Job Numbers

This week at Third and State, we blogged about a call to close tax loopholes on Tax Day, shareholders unhappy with big CEO paydays, Equal Pay Day, new state job numbers and more.


  • On tax and budget issues, Chris Lilienthal highlighted where our tax dollars are invested, while Sharon Ward blogged about a Tax Day call to close corporate tax loopholes in Harrisburg. Chris also passed on the Top 10 Tax Facts from Demos and The American Prospect.
  • On income inequality, Michael Wood wrote about a couple of recent instances of CEOs being taken to task by shareholders over excessive pay.
  • On jobs and the economy, Mark Price broke down the new Pennsylvania job numbers, and told us all about Equal Pay Day.
  • Finally, on higher education, Mark blogged about news stories on falling state support for higher ed and rising student loan debt.

More blog posts next week. Keep us bookmarked and join the conversation!

High CEO Pay Comes Under Fire from Shareholders

Channeling my inner Mark Price ... without the nice hair!

In the news today, a couple of instances of CEOs being taken to task by shareholders over excessive pay.

A Tax Day Call to Close Corporate Loopholes

I joined the Better Choices for Pennsylvania coalition today to mark Tax Day by calling on state policymakers to close corporate tax loopholes and make Pennsylvania's tax system fairer. 

Think You Know a Lot about Federal Taxes?

Taxes MatterThe good folks at The American Prospect and Demos have been making a compelling case for tax reform with a series of blog posts over the past week. It is a must read for anyone who cares about improving tax fairness.

Morning Must Reads: Happy Equal Pay Day

April 17 is Equal Pay Day, which the National Committee on Equal Pay defines as:

This date symbolizes how far into 2012 women must work to earn what men earned in 2011.

In the spirit of Equal Pay Day, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette this morning has a profile of Lilly Ledbetter.

This Tax Day, Say No to Loopholes

It's that time of year again — time to file your state and federal tax returns. At the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center's web site, we have a resource page showing you how your tax dollars are spent and why closing tax loopholes is such a big priority.

Federal taxes finance various public services, including Social Security, national defense and health care services, as the chart to the right from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities illustrates.

Third and State This Week: Better Budget Choices, Income Inequality After the Recession & the Minimum Wage

This week at Third and State, we blogged about March state revenues and better budget choices, income inequality in the wake of the recession, efforts to raise the minimum wage, and much more. Plus an early Tax Day Friday Funny.


  • On the state budget, Michael Wood wrote about some hopeful news in the March revenue collections, and Chris Lilienthal shared an op-ed by the co-chairs of Better Choices for Pennsylvania calling on lawmakers to close loopholes and delay unaffordable tax cuts before making more cuts that hurt children and families.
  • On income inequality, intern Jheanelle Chambers blogged about an eye-popping chart from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities showing that in 2009, despite the weak economy, the top 1% of households captured $1.32 trillion in gross income while the bottom 50% earned $1.06 trillion.
  • In a Morning Must Read on jobs and wages, Mark Price blogged that it is time to get serious about raising the minimum wage in Pennsylvania and the nation.
  • In other Morning Must Reads this week, Mark Price highlighted news reports on the challenges facing young workers in this economy; macho governors; and why women tend to be hurt more than men by public-sector job cuts.
  • And the Friday Funny featured a video from Citizens for Tax Justice on Mitch, a shoe store manager who wants to pay no taxes like GE.

More blog posts next week. Keep us bookmarked and join the conversation!

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